Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Spark Ignites for the Flaming Dragons

I have a confession to make.

I bribed him.

If there's anything I've learned from a decade of parenting is that bribery works..

every time...

like a charm.

Today was no exception.

I suppose I got to the point of bribery after two weeks of watching the Flaming Dragons lack any hint of a flame.  Cooper was certainly no exception.  He spent more time inspecting blades of grass than watching the ball.  In my mind, something was wrong.  The thing is, Cooper loves soccer.  He's good at soccer.  And, he has an inner competitiveness that flows through his veins and pops up all the time at home.  Why couldn't he tap into that on the soccer field?

So as I was lacing up his cleats, I mentioned his new favorite yogurt place.

"I'll take you there if you score a goal," I whispered.

He beamed.

Minutes later, I planted my folding chair on the soccer field's sidelines.  Cooper whizzed by me with the game ball dribbled between his feet and his signature grin plastered on his face.  He raced past his competitors and shot the ball into the goal.  Score.  Once.  Twice.  Then Six.  Cooper was back and a spark was reignited for the Flaming Dragons.

I'm sure you could attribute Cooper's stellar performance to other things.  Of course, Chris is a fantastic coach who's worked hard to develop Cooper's skills, and today's match up seemed a little more equal.  But I still think dangling a bowl of frozen yogurt over Cooper's head certainly lit a fire.

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