Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bumpy Ride

I love capturing moments like these.  It reminds me how much they really do care about each other.

I had just pulled out of the school parking lot with five kids buckled into car seats when I heard those unwelcome words, "Cooper's getting sick."

I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw Cooper hunched over his seat belt with two hands cupped over his mouth.  With lighting fast reflexes, I tossed an empty granola box Cooper's way.  He then proceeded to vomit into the box. 

As I watched Cooper, I also started to notice the reactions of the other kids in the car.  Caleb, inches away from Cooper, barely looked up from his book.  Grace, two seats over, paid more attention to her nail polish than her sick seat mate.  And the other kids exhibited a similar level of apathy.

I yelled back at Cooper, "I'll call Dad at the hospital and find out what he thinks we should do."

Caleb, barely looking up from his book, said, "Mom, you've been through this enough.  You know what to do."

It's true.  This sort of scenario has become commonplace.  So much so, that I think it explains the lack of reaction from the other kids.  Sick kids.  Sibling squabbles.  Car problems.  Discipline issues.  They've all become a regular portion of our day and our commute. The kids have learned to expect the unexpected and find peace with the bumps along the way.

Sometimes I think the kids learned this faster than me.  I still envision every ride to be smooth, and the ones with hurdles certainly jostle me off course.  I'm working on enjoying the ride even when it seems a little bumpy.

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