Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of School Year Party

 We hosted our annual "School's Out for Summer" party and invited the neighbors.

 About 50 kids showed up. 
(The sign met its end this year!)

 They enjoyed water play.  Some kids brought water guns this year that added extra fun (and chaos).

 The slip n slide returned.

 The kids lined up for their favorite part: the water balloon fight.  The Inmans made 150 balloons.  I blew up 300.  My friend Ali brought some too.

The kids had a ball with the fight and no one got hurt!!!

This year the party had a different, more active vibe.  I think all the kids are getting bigger and we've got to adjust our party for this change.  But, the boys really enjoyed the party.  It's always a fun way to kick off summer.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the party and the party prep!


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