Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding the Joy in Asperger's

 I was so glad my college friend Rachel and her son Alex came to visit from Chicago.  She is such a sweet friend and Alex was a wonderful playmate to the boys.

Collin talked me into having a bubble bath.  He had a blast.

Today it's official.  The school district identified our son under the Autism/Asperger's label.  We welcomed the declaration and felt grateful that he was given a label that provides greater understanding and services.  Getting to this place has been a process, and not without a trail of tears and effort.  As difficult as it's been, I reflected on the "joys" we've experienced along the way (inspired by my reading of Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts"). 

I'm thankful for:

-a school that is so willing to work with our son and grow him in so many areas,

-wonderful teachers that cultivate a positive relationship with him (even incorporating lizards into curriculum),

-an extended family and good friends that are extremely supportive of him and us,

-a Sunday school teacher that loves him right where he is (even baking him Christmas cookies for Christmas!),

-Boy Scouts, such a great organization for kids that don't fit the sports mold,

-the friends he's developed this year,

-the few hugs we've received,

-the times he's complimented me on my chocolate chip cookies,

-the times I've seen him smile, and 

-his amazing doctor (and her wonderful therapy dogs),

Most of all we're thankful to be his parents.  He's grown us and taught us in countless ways.

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  1. So thankful for Caleb! I've loved watching him grow up in your loving home over the past 9 years! From hearing him giggle about our silly Reggie dog or having him identify the black rat snake in our backyard or listening to him explain the latest National Geographic article he has read, we love him and are so thankful that God has made him so special! :) You and Chris are doing an awesome job raising all of your boys! :)