Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage Sale Day

We zipped over to Cincinnati this afternoon to celebrate my niece Caroline's first birthday.  It was such a fun party for the boys and a great time with family.

Today was the neighborhood garage sale day.  Many a neighbor adore garage sale day, holding out high hopes of scoping up fabulous deals and securing great finds.  I, on the other hand, loathe garage sale day.  Don't get me wrong, I love a deal as much as the next neighbor, but it's the addition of my four little boys to an array of garage sales that makes me batty.

You can't hide garage sale day from the boys (believe me I've tried).  The neighborhood posted signs at each entrance for weeks in advance.  The fact that some of my boys can read turned into a disadvantage, as they broadcasted it to their younger brothers and made mental notes of the date with each glance at the sign.  

This morning, they leaped out of bed and raced downstairs clutching wads of dollar bills and spare change from their piggy banks.  Still clad in pajamas, they insisted on dashing out the door hoping to secure the "finds" before all the other neighborhood kids.

I urged them to change clothes before hitting the sidewalk and then demanded they sit down for some garage sale instructions.  Hands to side.  You break it, you buy it.  If you spend it all at the first garage sale, you're shopping is done.  Bargain.  Bargain.  Bargain.  They wiggled in their seat and nodded their heads as I rambled on.  The minute I stopped talking, they were off.  

They darted out the door and raced to the first sale.  A box of well-loved matchbox cars sat on the concrete.  A half completed model airplane sat on a chair.  An array of stuffed animals blanketed a bench.  The boys scoped up item after item, eyes wide, hearts beating fast.  Cooper handed over money like it was hot.  He purchased a model airplane kit and a car.  The other boys watched Cooper clutching all his finds and suddenly couldn't walk away empty handed.  And, so their money quickly dwindled after hitting garage sale one.

The boys arrived home about an hour later with full grins.  I imagined they thought Christmas had arrived in May.  I scanned their array of "new" goodies with dismay.  More stuff, I sighed.  Garage sale day, I silently cursed.

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