Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Weekend sports pics.

 Boy Scout Banquet

 We had a ball at the Henkle's Going Away Party.  We hope they return from England soon.

At 6:30 a.m. my bedroom door burst open and a chorus of little voices sung out "Happy Mother's Day."  I groggily opened my eyes and focused on pajama clad boys huddled around my bed clutching homemade cards and pastel pink envelopes.  I smiled and thought how very early Mother's Day started.  

Chris stood behind the crew balancing a tray filled with breakfast goodies.  He planted a kiss on my cheek and then slipped out the door for a 12 hour shift in the hospital.  Another Mother's Day alone, I sighed. 

Within a few hours, the boys were tucked into Sunday School and I  was nestled into a pew.  The pastor talked about Mother's Day.  He saluted the moms and moms-to-be and then prayed for the women for whom Mother's Day is painful.  It got me thinking about a family in Connor's school who lost their 10-year-old daughter to cancer on Friday.  Today was that daughter's viewing— on Mother's Day of all days (even writing the words brings tears to my eyes).  How painful this day must be for that mother!

After church, I took the boys on a nature hike.  As the boys meandered along the trail, they spotted a muddy creek filled with giddy children.  At first the boys just watched with eyes as big as saucers.  Then, they slowly removed their shoes and planted their feet in the water.  One by one, they crept deeper, at first pulling their shorts up above the water line.  Within seconds, they were completely submerged in the water.  I plopped down on the creek bank and watched their faces light up.  They had the very best time  romping among the water and mud, tossing sticks and collecting rocks, chasing after fish and insects.

I thought about how Mother's Day is not just a day to appreciate moms, but to appreciate being a mom.  It's a day we moms can reflect on the blessing of children.  As I watched my boys frolic in the creek, I thought about how grateful I am for those four little boys that gave me the best title in the world: mom.


Happy Mother's Day to all the special mothers in my life, but especially my mother and my mother-in-law!

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