Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kindergarten: Preparing to Let Go

My friend Beth invited some of her mom friends to her lake house for the day.  Sixteen moms got their kids off to school and then raced down to southern Indiana to enjoy a day in the sunshine with girlfriends.  The day flew by and many beautiful memories were made.

A few days ago my little world was rocked.  Our school board approved all day kindergarten.  That means come August my Cooper will be hoping on the school bus and returning home seven hours later.  I was shocked.  I certainly wasn't mentally prepared to have yet another child embark upon full day school.

Don't get me wrong.  A little part of me was exciting.  Having only one child at home opens a whole new world for me.  I might just have time to do my hair, tackle some menacing dust bunnies, or even just curl up on the couch and read a good book.  But another part of me ached.  He's getting older.  He's growing more independent.  I'm growing older.  I'm losing him.  I'm not sure I'm ready.

This afternoon, I was chatting with my neighbor Michele.  In a couple of weeks, her son will graduate from high school and then depart for college in the fall.  She talked about how hard it is to let him go, but how this is a necessary part of parenthood.  I held back tears as I listened to her talk.  I tried to envision my boys clad in a cap and gown, clutching a diploma.  Even the image stung and I tried to stuff that mental portrait into the recesses of my brain.

It got me thinking about Cooper and how each "letting go" moment (be it all day kindergarten or high school graduation) is necessary, but not without the growing pains.  

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