Friday, May 11, 2012

A Perfectly Sized Yard

The boys and a neighbor friend made a "camp site" in our backyard.

Last night I had the best dream.  I dreamt that we moved to a new home.  I can't remember much about the house, but I vividly recall the backyard.  It was full of woodsy acres with brooks and hills.  In my dream, the boys raced around their new yards, full of giggles and smiles.  I'm sure I was smiling too when the alarm sliced into my dream and jerked me awake.  I hit snooze and crept back into bed (even forgoing a morning run which for those who know me is shocking), trying desperately to return to that dream.  Of course, it never works that way.  The dream was gone.

This morning, I was chopping strawberries and peered through the kitchen window into our backyard.  Our house is perfect for our family, but I've always wished for more land, space for four young boys to run and explore.  I thought about that dream and envisioned a yard with more acreage.

I gazed at two of my sons frolicking in the backyard.  They were having a ball playing ninjas with tennis rackets and ice scrapers.  Then, they'd chase each other down the slide and collapse at the bottom in a fit of laughter.  I smiled and thought about how space doesn't seem to be an issue for them.  The yard seems to be the perfect size if filled with ingenuity, brotherly love, and neighbor friends.

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