Monday, May 21, 2012

Preschool Graduation

 Cooper participated in his preschool graduation program.  He even wore a mortar board.  Too cute!

 Cooper shares a hug with his preschool teacher, Mrs. Benedict.

Family photos post-graduation ceremony.  Couldn't shake the sillies out of some of the boys.

Cooper's preschool class hosted a concert and graduation night.  I sat in the audience with my knees knocking.  The fact that Cooper would be on stage with access to a microphone and audience put me on edge.

Cooper paraded onto the stage clad in his "church clothes" with a mortar board perched on his head.  He positioned himself in the front row and faced the audience.  His signature smile radiated through the darkened room.

The performance began.  The preschoolers sang alphabet and Bible songs.  Cooper even recited a few solo lines at a speed on par with an auctioneer.  He sang his little heart out and in typical Cooper style added his own charisma and pizazz.

I smiled at my little "graduate" and wondered how fast the years will fly by until I watch him graduate again.

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