Thursday, May 3, 2012

Redneck Pool

Buckets of rainfall descended on our neighborhood and pooled in the yards.  The kids were beyond excited when the clouds parted and the skies cleared.  They raced outside to discover a large accumulation of rainwater in my neighbor's yard.  They treated it like a new neighborhood "pool."  (My neighbor called it a "redneck pool.")  My boys dashed out of the house clad only in swimsuits and rain boots and had a ball frolicking in the water with neighbor friends.  

I kept thinking, "I should yank them out of the water.  They'll make the house a mess."  But, I watched as they emerged from the water wet, dirty, and happy.  They were perfectly content with accumulated rainwater and a few friends.  

I didn't have the heart to stop them.  I imagine one day they won't recall the cleanliness of the carpet, but they'll remember the rain water, the friends, and the laughter.

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