Thursday, May 24, 2012

School's Out for Summer

At yesterday's neighborhood party, I was manning the ice cream stand and supervising little boys.  I wasn't able to take in even a fraction of yesterday's party activities.  My mom, however, captured some beautiful photos that she sent to me. Sorry if some are repeats from yesterday's post.

 My boys loved the paint station.

 Collin had a ball.

 I was still getting paint out of his ear tonight!

 Love this photo of my boys!

 The kids went crazy for the ice cream station.  Thanks to my sweet friend Ali who helped with ice cream distribution.
 The boys had a lot of fun in the pool.

 They devoured ice cream with the Maxwell boys.

 Collin enjoyed his ice cream next to the adorable Hermacinski girls.

 The Wanner kids snagged a blanket and took in the scene.

 Chris supervised the party and fortunately wasn't needed for any medical care.

 We actually assembled most of the kids for a picture.  Amazing!

The moms and dads snagged pictures.

 Cooper's last day of preschool was capped off with a pizza party.  He was SO excited.

Connor walked off the school bus today as a new second grader.

For three of my boys, today marked the last day of school.  Cooper skipped out of preschool grinning from ear to ear.  Connor raced off the bus, not looking back even once.  They burst into the kitchen and unloaded their stuffed backpacks all over the counters.  Months worth of papers and art projects littered the surface.  I examined each piece with interest.  Connor's first grade memory booklet sat on the top of the heap.  I flipped through his homemade book and marveled at some of the things I learned about Connor.  He said he wants to be an army man and that he likes jazz (really?).  His friends consider him funny.  His teacher called him creative.

I placed the booklet back in the heap and my eyes started to swell.  I'm not surprised.  The last day of school always gets to me.  I find it's a day I have trouble staying in the present.  My mind seems to fluctuate between flashing to the past (wasn't he just a baby?) and jumping into the future (will I wake up tomorrow and he'll be an adult?).  I talked myself back to the present reality and tried to see the more mature sons standing in front of me.  The ones that want their mom to be happy that they've finished another year.

I stifled the tears and extended my congratulations.  I prayed the next year doesn't move as quickly.

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