Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swim Team

 Caleb posed for a picture with his third grade teachers on his last day of third grade (fellow classmate Denis joined the photo too).  Caleb insisted on bringing his stuffed iguana to class too.

The boys enjoyed having the Hermacinski girls over to play.  They swapped Pokemon cards with their friends.

I stood on the side of the pool, anxiously awaiting Connor's turn.  He bobbed under the water and clutched the side of the wall.  The teenage swim instructor nodded and he was off.  It wasn't a  polished stroke.  He didn't gracefully slice the water with his fingertips, but rather muddled through with lots of splashing and a modified kick that eventually landed him at his destination: the ladder.

I turned to the instructor with much anticipation.  She directed him towards the diving well where he repeated the test in deeper water.  When he arrived at the other wall, she announced he had made it.  Connor was on the swim team.  He beamed.  I glowed.  I piled him into a towel and smothered his cheek with kisses.

 This is a first for our family.  We've never had a child try out for a team.  As a maternal spectator, I learned it's an experience that's not for the feint of heart.  His victories are sweet, and his disappointments pierce.  I stood on the side prepared for either.  

I was ecstatic for Connor.  Now, I need to ready myself for watching the meets.  I foresee many more white-knuckled evenings to come.

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