Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughts on Summer

 We enjoyed having the Brinkruffs over for dinner topped off with strawberry birthday cake for Jim. 

 Cooper and I went to his babysitter Trisha's high school graduation party.  Cooper told me last week Trisha was his girlfriend.  When I asked what that meant, he explained that a girlfriend is a girl you have play dates with and invite to your birthday party.

Savoring in the laziness of summer.

For weeks, I've eyed the calendar with concern.  Knots formed in my stomach as I checked off the days leading up to summer break.  Two weeks.  One week.  Five days...   I couldn't shake a feeling of summer dread.  Gone would be our comfy school schedule.  Hello to months of all-out parenting.  Sure, I had pleasant memories from summer pasts, but I also vividly recalled sibling bickering, endless "I'm boreds," and a mommy to-do lists that barely got touched.  

I'd listen to friends gush in eager anticipation over summer plans and I'd hold my tongue.  I prayed my heart would change and as the days heated up and summer neared my anxiety waned.  Good summer memories flooded back.  Big breakfasts with kids still in pajamas until noon.  Plastic pools in the backyard.  Water gun fights in the driveway.  Playground trips with friends.  Amusement parks.  Cookouts.  Vacations.  

On the first day of summer (minutes after waking up), I heard one boy angrily shout at his brother, "You're not allowed in my room for the whole summer."

Oh boy.  My enthusiasm plunged.

But as the day progressed, I witnessed the joys of summer.  The boys spent the afternoon in a park and worked for an hour rearranging logs and sticks to make a "room."  I sat on a park bench in the sunshine grinning as I watched their collective efforts and big smiles.  The evening was spent with friends where we feasted on the staples of summer: a meal fresh from the grill and produce straight from the vine.

I'm not naive enough to think summer will fly by in a series of blissful days, but I'm excited to experience what it has to offer.

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