Monday, May 7, 2012

The Truth About Family

Another family photo from yesterday at the farm (pictured: my brother, his wife Heather, my nephew Will, my niece Caroline, and my Dad).

After yesterday's episode, my mom called to check on me.  We recounted my heartbreak over my two little boys acting up in front of family.  My mom listened to me bemoan yesterday's events.  Then, she piped up, "If it's going to happen, isn't that where you want it to happen?  At least it's in front of people that love you."


I couldn't disagree more.  

Of course, I didn't want family to see my two boys unravel right before their eyes.  I wanted family to witness two perfectly groomed boy sitting with hands folded in their laps only whispering "yes ma'am" and "no sir" when addressed by an adult.  I wanted relatives that walked away from my family and thought, "Wow, the super nanny could really learn a few things from her.  What an excellent mother!"  In other words, I wanted them to glance at perfection, regardless of whether it matched reality.

At least, that's how I felt at first.

After I ruminated on my mom's words, I realized she was right.  Yesterday's events were painful to experience, but watching my family pitch in to aid and assist was priceless.

My father insisted on helping with the boys.  He worked tirelessly with one son to bring a happy resolution.

My brother helped with my kids (even bathing one of my sons).

My sister-in-law transformed my tears into giggles.  She always has a way to bring needed levity to a stressful situation.

My aunt provided a great listening ear and some fantastic advice.  As I was leaving, she pulled me into a bear hug and whispered, "I love you."  Her words warmed me to the core.

My two cousins distracted cranky kids with trips on the tractor and rides on the four wheelers.

My mother followed up with an encouraging email and a kind phone call.

Did I want family to witness yesterday's events?  No, but it reaffirmed to me the truth about family: family looks after family.  It's truly a beautiful thing to watch a family rally around its own and work together to make things better.  How very blessed and comforted I am to be a part of this family.  

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