Tuesday, May 15, 2012

World Record Attempt

Miller Time
I had a blast catching up with my childhood friend Erin Miller and her daughter Mica.

A few days ago, Cooper burst into the house.  His cheeks were flushed and his eyes sparkled.  "You need to make a phone call," he panted.

I inquired, "To whom?"

"The world record office," he announced.  "I just did a world record."

My interest was piqued as I begged him to provide more details.

Cooper's eyes grew wide as he recounted his world record.  Evidently, it involved his scooter flying over his head and crashing to the ground.  Then, he catapulted his body over the handlebars.  Somehow, he still landed feet first on the concrete.  (I know, I'm still trying to visualize it too!)

The description sounds pretty amazing, but I don't doubt its accuracy.  Cooper's not one to simply ride a bike or race a scooter. How ordinary!  He adds acrobatics and additional hurdles (ramps and such) to any ride to heighten the excitement and push one mamma onto the border of hysterics.

I'm thinking this isn't Cooper's last world record attempt.  Heaven help us!

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