Thursday, June 14, 2012

Caught being kind

 We hit the Strawberry Festival in downtown Indianapolis this afternoon with the Brinkruffs.

Connor competed in his first swim meet.

There are many things Connor did today that may be proud.  Definitely competing in his first swim meet is one of them.  But I can clearly say his actions this afternoon tops the lists.  We meandered through the downtown streets on our way to the Strawberry Festival.  Several times we'd pass homeless people huddled against a wall clutching a cardboard sign with an open cup stationed on the ground.  I glanced at the individuals and kept walking.  I noticed Connor really soaking in the scene.  In our little section of suburbia we rarely encounter homeless people.

After we got our ice cream and our bellies were full, we headed back to the car and passed by the same homeless people.  Connor tugged at my hand and pulled my down to his level.  He said, "Mom, I want to give my allowance to those people."  I was speechless and incredibly touched.  I then watched him pull several coins from his pocket and then approach a homeless man on the street.  He plopped the coin down into the cup.  

I was prouder than proud.  I love to see such kindness pour from his heart.

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