Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fond Memories of Holiday World and Kentucky

 Bright and early yesterday morning, we jaunted down to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana.  We met our friends the Brinkruffs.  The kids and adults enjoyed the rides and water park.  Cooper kept saying, "This is SO awesome. "  

 We stayed at Holiday World until the park closed down and so we decided to spend the night at a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  This morning, Cooper checked out the hotel's exercise room.  He begged me to take a picture of him "working out" and then wanted me to send the photo to his teenage babysitter/"girlfriend" Tricia. 

 Last year when I ran the Louisville Mini Marathon, we discovered Lynn's Paradise Cafe.  We had absolutely wonderful meals and I desperately wanted to go again.  We ate lunch at Lynn's again today.  It certainly didn't disappoint.  We ordered Fried Green Tomatoes, a first.  Delicious!

 After lunch, we hopped over the Ohio River and landed back in Indiana.  We visited the Falls of Ohio park.  The boys explored the banks of the Ohio River look for fossils and interesting rock.  They had a ball.  It reaffirmed my notion that all boys really need are rocks and sticks to have a good time.

We ended our Saturday with dinner at the Maxwell house.  The kids reclined in blankets and lawn chairs and watched a movie outside while munching on pizza and popcorn.  The adults lounged around the patio table.  We so enjoyed spending time with our good friends.  My friend Ali is always a wonderful hostess!

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