Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gold Friends

 Eating a pizza lunch on the porch with friends.

Katie's super fun pool.
 Katie giving the kids instructions on how to play "Kick the Can."
 The kids listening to the instructions.

My sweet childhood friends, Katie and Erin.  (Bummer this picture came out so light!)

This summer really hasn't felt like summer as of late.  Kid activities have pushed out the leisurely feel of June.  I miss the summer days where the kids wake up and say, "What should we do?"  And I greet that question with a smile and an empty schedule.

Despite the busyness, I squeezed in my annual summer play date with my two childhood friends, Katie and Erin.  We met as kindergartners and have maintained our friendship for three plus decades.

Katie graciously offered her home for the play date locale.  The kids (all 11 of them...neighbor kids too!) frolicked in the yard and throughout her house as we friends sat on her sunporch and guzzled diet sodas while catching up on the last year.  Our conversation flowed from childhood memories to adult frustrations (budget woes, child rearing, household needs).  I thought about how easily we've slipped from childhood pals into adult friends.

Katie talked about sitting under a tree playing board games with her daughter.  She reminded us that's what she did growing up.  She didn't have to explain it, we were there.  We remember.

As I left the play date, I thought about the blessings of friendships with longevity.  How grateful I am to have those two in my life.

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