Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

 Our church held a Father's Day celebration on the church grounds following the worship service.  Volunteers handed out fishing rods.  The boys eagerly snagged a rod and raced down to the pond.  Connor caught two fist-size fish.  He was SO excited.

 They also tossed balls at a target in hopes of dunking a pastor.  Connor and Collin (with help) were successful.  Is it wrong that they were super excited about dunking a pastor?

 Chris worked an afternoon/evening shift in the ER.  The boys and I made a Father's Day visit to the hospital.
 We were able to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad/Papa too.  
Memaw joined in the festivities.

I strolled into the ER clutching a flimsy aluminum pan.  My four sons tagged along behind.  I had warned (threatened) them sufficiently about proper ER etiquette.  Quite voices.  No running. Kind manners.  We breezed through the waiting room and quickly located Chris perched behind a computer.

He lit up when he saw our entourage.  The boys sang in chorus "Happy Father's Day."  Chris beamed.  We handed over the pan.  Chris peeled back the aluminum foil covering and gazed at our attempt at a Father's Day present to the ER:  Texas sheet cake.  Somehow in transit the pan contorted and the cake slid into the center.  I sheepishly glanced at the pan, clearly disappointed.  If Chris minded, he certainly didn't show it.  He proudly placed the mangled cake in the break room.  I secretly hoped he wouldn't announced we were the guilty bakers and prayed the chocolately flavor made up for the cake's appearance.

Our visit to the ER was brief.  Chris was busy.  A parade of patients filtered in and out of the department.  Chris didn't reveal their names or ailments, but I knew he was assisting someone's father and some father's son or daughter.  That prospect sobered me and caused me to ache for those individuals celebrating Father's Day within the walls of the hospital.

If Chris was angry about working on his Father's Day, he certainly didn't show it.  I thought about how selfless he certainly is when it comes to squeezing out his own Father's Day celebration.  It reminded me of a couple of things I love about Chris:  He's selfless, kind, and generous to patients, friends, and family alike.

On a day like Father's Day, I reflect on Chris, the father.  When we were childless, I certainly imagined Chris would make a wonderful father.  After all, he spent years working with pediatric patients and he adored his role as Uncle to his young nephews.  When we had our first son, I watched Chris easily slip into the role of father.  Three sons later, he has exceeded even my high expectations for him as a father.  He lights up when he sees his boys.  Even with his hectic schedule, he squeezes in time for each and every one.  He strives to make personal connections.  He has fun with them.

As we walked out of the Emergency Room, I reminded the boys of how blessed they are to have Chris as a father.  Somehow, I don't think they need reminding.


Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad.  He is a blessing to each member of my family.

Happy Father's Day to my great Father-in-Law.  I appreciate his encouragement and the time we have together.

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