Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Power of "I'm Sorry"

 Connor finished his final t ball game of the season.  His sweet coach gave each boy a personalized baseball pillow.  So adorable and thoughtful!

 Our friends the Blakes are moving to Atlanta.  Last night, we attended a going away party in their honor.  The hosts set up a "photo booth" where guests could pose for silly photos (we were all told to wear white).  The photos will be given to the Blakes in an album to take with them to Georgia.  We had a great time with our friends and wish the Blakes the best in Georgia. 

If there's one thing I strive to be, it's a good friend.  I aim to be all the things a good friend should be:  loyal, kind, thoughtful, and on and on.  I suppose that's why I harbored such deep regret for my actions towards some friends yesterday.  Of course, I had plenty of excuses.  I was tired.  I was stressed.  There was some miscommunication.  But despite all the excuses, I was wrong.  Guilt washed over me.  Regret pierced my core.  I knew what needed to be done.

I shot the offended parties a heart-felt email.  In it, I poured out my anguish and then typed some of the most powerful words in the English language, "I'm sorry."  As my fingers breezed over the keystrokes to write those little words, I felt a weight lift off my chest and a peace permeate my soul.

Within the hour, the friends shot back replies.  They all were extremely understanding and indicated the same thing: we forgive you.  A second wave of serenity showered my soul.  In that moment, I thought about forgiveness.  It's forceful, restorative, and completely necessary to find peace for the soul.  How grateful am I to have friends so freely offer the gift of forgiveness!

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