Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snug Suit

I'm confident Cooper thinks he's a 16 year old trapped in a five year old's body!

 The boys enjoyed a play date with the Maxwell kids.

Connor modeled his new swim team suit.

Yesterday, Connor received his swim team uniform.  He quickly tugged the tight black and green material over his skinny thighs.  He emerged from the bathroom with a full grin, so excited to model his new swimsuit. 

He didn't just model the suit, he wore it...a lot...all day yesterday and today too.  

At first, I found the image a little shocking.  For a mom that feels uncomfortable wearing anything the least bit revealing or snug, watching a son bounce around in skin-tight shorts seemed a little odd.  He certainly didn't share in my discomfort.  I marveled that he lacked any sort of inhibitions about his outfit.  In fact, he proudly flaunted his fitted suit, even insisting on wearing it to the store (with a required shirt!).

I contemplated whether I should demand that Connor change clothes.  Certainly he owns more appropriate, even warmer, outfits.  But, I think Connor's fascination with the swimsuit transcends the fitted materials.  I think he proudly wears the suit because it signifies his accomplishment of making a team and reminds him that he's part of something pretty special.  As much as I'd prefer he slip on a tad bit more clothes, I'm grateful that he can proudly model his trophy of sorts (at least while the weather's warm).

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