Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Sermon

 Connor swings during his t ball game.

 Connor's friend Nick joined us for Saturday dinner and play time.

 Collin's outfit of choice most days.

 Cooper enjoyed time with Nick too.

The boys topped off a leisurely Sunday afternoon with an ice cream treat.

Minutes before the service started, I flipped through the church bulletin.  I scanned down to the service notes and noticed our regular pastor would not be preaching.  I sulked and braced myself for a sermon that couldn't possibly compete with Pastor Aaron's teaching.

After the worship portion, Pastor Aaron handed over the pulpit to a Nevada preacher who shepherds a church on the Vegas strip.  This visiting preacher quickly grabbed my attention with his witty and dynamic preaching that tugged at the heart strings and pierced the soul.  He revealed that he became a Christian in college and acknowledged that no one ever told him about Jesus before that time.  He spoke of his radical conversion and then divulged the testimonies of some of his Las Vegas parishioners.  As one would imagine, his church population consists of a colorful lot with dramatic backgrounds and conversions.  

The pastor wrapped up his sermon with the thought that others (from all walks of life) are first attracted to Christ by seeing God's love through our loving acts.  (For example, he talked about helping a homeless man fill out a job application.)

Chris and I ruminated on the sermon afterwards and searched for the application.  Chris easily related to the pastor's words.  He thought about the heterogeneous population he treats at work (the indigent, the addicted, the psychotic, the diseased, the elderly).  He pondered how he doctors that population.  How can he treat their physical ailments while still demonstrating a love for each individual (even the difficult ones)?

I found the application more difficult.  Sadly in my little suburban bubble I couldn't think of many individuals whose lives diverge much from my own.  But I started to think that showing Christ's love to others isn't limited to strangers or the those with lives radically different.  Sometimes, it begins first with those in my immediate circle, namely my family (especially my kids).


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