Monday, June 18, 2012

Surviving Cooper

Connor shows off his Boy Scout shirt on his first day of Boy Scout camp.

The boys and I lunched with my 90 year old Grandmother.  I said to the boys, "Grandma has lots of interesting stories from her childhood she can share."  I hinted at her being a child of the Depression and a young woman during World War II.

Before my Grandmother had time to elaborate, Caleb piped up.  "Well Grandma, I have lots of good stories from Cooper."  He shared his Cooper stories.  He talked about the time Cooper hurled a golf ball into a brand-new big screen TV and then provided details about all the other shenanigans Cooper attempts.  Caleb shared his stories with the same sort of passion a victim may have relaying stories of past traumas or intense challenges.  He certainly felt his experiences with Cooper ranked even with Grandma's time in the Depression and World War II.

I couldn't help but giggle thinking about how Caleb sees himself as a Cooper "survivor."  Just think of all the stories he'll have to tell as an adult!

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