Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beating the Heat

An inside picnic dinner.

Indianapolis hit a record breaking temperature of 104 today (with a heat index of 115).  It felt a bit like we landed on the face of the sun.  The kids dashed outside for a bit and minutes later rushed back inside, beet red and drenched in sweat.  They tried it again and again.  Pretty soon, they just gave up and found respite indoors under the blasts of the air conditioner.

It almost felt like one of those January snow days where absolutely everyone in the neighborhood was cocooned inside.  We searched for indoor fun (too hot to even venture out in the car).  We finally settled on an afternoon and early evening nestled on the couch watching favorite family movies (Cheaper by the Dozen and Parent Trap).  We even had an indoor picnic and imagined we were outside in slightly cooler temperatures.

Tomorrow, the weather's predicted to drop to a balmy 90 degrees.  We might have to throw on some sweaters!


My parents had Connor over last night for a private slumber party at their house.  Later, my mom called with a cute story.  Evidently, she was telling Connor how amazed she was that Chris can work all night and live on little sleep while he's working at the hospital.  She said to Connor, "I don't know how he does it?"

Seven-year-old Connor replied, "I can explain it in one word."

"What?" my mom asked with her interest piqued.

"Coffee," he replied.

They learn so soon!

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