Friday, July 6, 2012

Brother Helping Brother

Caleb grabbed my phone and took this picture of Connor and I before Connor went to the ER.  Poor guy!

I heard the wailing and instantly knew something was wrong.  We moms know our children's cries practically from birth.  We can decipher the whiny cry from the urgent cry, and this cry had an urgency to it.  My immediate thought was which brother did what and to whom.  I could only imagine.

I dropped my dish towel and raced towards the stairs.  There Connor stood, blood caked on his hands.  He spun around and I gazed in horror at the back of his head.  His blond hair was stained red with red liquid oozed down his back and onto the neck of his shirt.  I wanted to pass out.  I immediately raced into mom emergency mode.  I scanned the was bad.  I called the doctor...Doctor Dad.  I put pressure on the wound...the towel turned crimson.

Connor sobbed through the whole ordeal and collapsed into my lap.  He blubbered out the details: he fell off his top bunk and his head clipped a wooden stair during the fall.  (No other brother involved!)

While he was crying and carrying on, Caleb walked up to us clutching Connor's blanket.  He handed his injured brother his beloved blanket.  Then, Caleb worked on making "costumes" for Connor's blankie while we waited to meet Chris in the ER.  

I was amazed and completely touched by Caleb's actions.  Like many Aspies, Caleb's not one to show emotion or get other's emotions, but this little gesture spoke volumes.  He understood his brother was hurting and searched for ways to make it better.  It was one of those acts that a mom of a neurotypical child might gloss over, but the Aspie's mom is brought to tears with gratitude and happiness.

At the ER, Chris placed staples in Connor's head.  A cherry sucker and loads of attention brightened Connor's demeanor.  I handed Caleb a sucker too and lavished attention on him too.  He made me very proud.

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