Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp Envy

 Some of the fun lake activities offered at Camp Springhill.

Campers are transported to their cabins in old fire trucks with sirens blaring. 
 Caleb and Connor (and little brother Collin) in front of their tent with their camp counselor.
 Chris's accommodations are far from rustic.  He sleeps in a cabin with air conditioning and indoor plumbing. 
Chris, the camp doctor.

Reflecting back on my own childhood, some of my favorite memories centered on summers at church camp.  Precious images flash through my mind: meals over the campfire, silly songs, canoe rides, lake swims, night games, and most importantly time with dear friends.

As I dropped my boys off at camp yesterday, I sounded a bit like an old football player reliving his glory days.  I'm sure I bored my kids silly reciting those memories and reminding them over and over just how much fun they would have over the next several days.

I eyed their camp with a mixture of appreciation and envy.  It was like the camp in my memory, but better.  Gone are the days when campers merely splashed in the lake.  Now, they can jump off a huge floating trampoline or plunge down twisty slides into the water.  They climb up rock climbing walls and glide along zip lines.

Even though the environment has changed, the heart of camp remains the same: spiritual growth, deep friendships, and treasured experiences.  I can't wait to hear the stories.

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