Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cincinnati Visit

 At the Cincinnati Zoo with my brother Matt and his adorable family.
 Cuddling my nephew Will.
 Enjoying a moment of rest with my brother, Chris, and niece Caroline.
 The boys and Will strike a pose.

There are moments I simply can't help but think God has a sense of humor.  This weekend had those moments.  

We visited my brother and his family in Cincinnati.  In preparation for the visit (and specifically for my Aspie's need to know the schedule), my sister in law and I made scrupulous plans for the weekend.  I prepped the boys on the details and carefully packed for all planned activities.

We arrived in Cincinnati as scheduled and the boys quickly made themselves at home by mingling with their cousins and invading their toys.  Just as we were settling in, the skies opened up and buckets of rain descended on their yard accompanied by thunder booms and lightning crashes (oh how we hoped our yard was getting just a little of that!).  The power flashed off and there we all sat in a darkened home.

Minutes went by.  Then an hour.  The pizza we ordered didn't come (their power was out too).  The scheduled movie couldn't be played.  I couldn't help but think about the expression, "We make plans and God laughs."

We went to Plan B:  hunt for food by driving around and looking for lights.  Miles away, we spotted a lit Panera.  The ten of us huddled around a table, devouring salads and sandwiches.  And so the evening was different, but good (even for my Aspie who amazingly rolled well with the change).

The rest of our visit went according to plan.  My sister in law and I went for a long run where jogging played second to a much needed "catch up" season.  When we arrived home, Matt was whipping up chocolate chip pancakes. Breakfast was followed by a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.  To put it mildly, the boys were in heaven among the scaly reptiles and safari creatures.

We bid Matt and his family goodbye from the zoo.  Happy for the memories, sad to see them go.  

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