Sunday, July 1, 2012

Farm Wedding

 Cousin Brad and his new wife Kathleen on their wedding day.
 The happy couple is greeted with bubbles and church bells when leaving the ceremony.
 Chris poses at the reception on the farm.
 I can't believe this is a barn?  
The beautiful dining room and dance floor were located in a barn.
 A family wedding picture
 A full size tree stood in the barn decorated with lights.  I heard the tree was somehow tethered to the ceiling.
 With my hubby.
 Then my mom.
 My sweet Aunt Kathryn.
 Cousin Laura.
 A moment with Aunt Linda (the beautiful mother of the groom)
Posing with cousins David and Taylor (and Taylor's girlfriend)

As we cruised down the blackened gravel drive, the farm house grew smaller in our rearview mirror and the music fell softer.  We reclined in our car seats, basking in the blasts from the car's air conditioner.  It had been a long, good day spent at my cousin Brad's wedding.  

Chris and I reminisced about the night; he asked what was my favorite part of the evening.

"Everything," I smiled.

It's hard to pinpoint what portion of the night was my favorite.

Perhaps it was the reception locale, held in a barn at the bride's family farm in southeastern Indiana.  I expected a rustic, dusty reception venue where we'd been sitting on hay bales while shooing out farm animals.  I was shocked when I entered the barn.  It certainly looked more like a beautiful dining hall than a farm building.  A huge tree decorated in white lights greeted us at the entrance.  Tables dressed in black linens, gold runners, and multicolored florals dotted the barn floor.  The open barn doors provided a spectacular view of the pastoral scenery: lines of cornfields flanked by a pinky-orange sky.

Maybe my favorite part of the evening was the food: down home comfort food that tasted fresh from the farm.  We filled our plates with piles of buttery corn kernels, barbecued green beans, and roasted potatoes.  (Chris loved the slabs of pork too!)  We finished off our meal with slices of wedding cake (yes, that's plural): rich red velvet, decadent chocolate, and moist vanilla.

Then again, I know the best part of the night was being with family.  At the end of the night, the DJ blared "We Are Family."  Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings, Bride, and Groom related by blood and marriage hit the dance floor and formed a circle.  We swayed in tandem and sang as a group.  I belted out the lyrics and smiled as I glanced around a room filled with family.


Thanks so much to my sweet mother-in-law and my niece Grace for babysitting our boys so we could enjoy the wedding.  We appreciate all they did for us!

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