Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

 Cooper packed his own bags to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.   The huge backpack is full of toys.  The tiny yellow bag he's clutching (meant to carry only a Bible) has clothes.

 The Wood's neighbors have a pool and let the boys play in it.  That's Cooper on the top of the slide.  He must have whizzed down that slide about a million times.

 The boys sat around the St. Joseph River waiting for the fireworks.
 Cooper's ready for the boat ride.

 A pre-fireworks snack of s'mores.
 We sat on the boat and watched the fireworks light up the river.
A brief glimpse of the fireworks.

So often I complain about the boys having "selective hearing," but after our quick Fourth of July trip I realized that I have acquired "selective hearing" too.  I definitely needed it during our car trip up to South Bend.  The boys weren't bad, per se, just noisy...and rowdy...and tired...and excited.  I easily slipped into my "selective hearing" mode just to keep from going mad.  (I thought if the U.S. government is looking for a torture technique, they should really consider placing suspected terrorists on a car ride with four little ones.  I'm betting said individual wouldn't make it out of the city limits before easily confessing just to get out of the car.)

The energetic commute was worth it as we spent our Fourth of July with Grandma and Grandpa Wood at their house on the St. Joseph River.  (We were grateful to experience an authentic Fourth of July celebration as our hometown is under a burn ban and the firework celebration was cancelled.)  The celebration on the river was delightful.  The boys shuffled between swimming in a neighbor's pool and tubing off Grandpa Wood's pontoon boat.  They only took a break to devour Grandma Wood's buffet-style dinner topped off with a super yummy ice cream cake.

As the sun began to set, we rushed towards the river.  The boys chased fireflies and cooked s'mores and then paused when the booms began.  From a distance, we could see Mishawaka fireworks, but neighbors set off equally impressive (and closer) displays.  I watched the river turn bright colors as it reflected the shades in the sky.

After a while, most of the boys grew tired and slipped back into the house.  Cooper wanted to stay, so I plopped down on an adirondack chair facing the River.  I pulled him into my lap.  This time my hearing was just fine.  I heard Cooper's giggles, the fireworks blasts, the laughter from neighboring yards, my own happy sighs.


Thanks to the Woods for hosting us for the Fourth of July.  We had such a great time at their house.  Grandma Wood spoiled us with her awesome cooking!

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