Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Favorite Books

Chris reading to Cooper before bed.
I'm in a purging sort of mood.  I've spent my last few days rummaging through drawers and closets, tugging out old clothes and unused toys and placing them in donation piles.

This isn't my first purge.  The last couple of years, I've purged plenty, especially the baby items.  I donated our crib and gave away pastel blue baby blankets and tiny onesies.  With each donation, I anticipated an emotional response that never really came to pass.  But today's purge was different, my emotions bubbled.

Today I tackled the stacks of baby and children's books accumulated throughout the house.  I ogled the covers and skimmed through the pages.  Each book brought back memories.    I vividly recalled which boy loved which book and during what stage.  Brown Bear was Caleb's favorite and his faithful companion during our potty training months.  Connor adored Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail.  He wanted to hear it every night (even on Christmas Eve).  Cooper loved Richard Scary's books.  He memorized the location of every single gold bug on every single page.  Collin favored anything remotely related to Batman and his cronies.  

Those were their favorite books.  But they listened to them all.  From the time they could sit, I pulled them onto my lap and we would mold into their nursery rocker.  I clutched a book with one hand and cradled a baby boy in another.  They sat still listening to my voice as we flipped the pages. Those bedtime moments were absolutely precious.

  We still do books at bedtime, but the books have changed.  Now they favor comic books and tween chapter books.  Some boys can read and prefer reading alone.  The bedtime routine is quicker but certainly not as sweet.

I know the books they once loved merely collect dust and so it's time for those books to find a new home where they'll be appreciated as much as they once were with my boys.  That's what I know.  It's the saying goodbye that's the hard part.

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