Monday, July 2, 2012

Stay-At-Home Mom Internship

 It was Connor's week to plan the dinner menu and prepare the meal.
 He did a great job and was so proud of himself.
He selected baked salmon, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, and sliced strawberries for dinner.

My ten-year-old niece is visiting us for a few days.  She's been a delight and super helpful around the house and with the boys.  I've jokingly referred to her as my "intern."  As I tossed out this term to a friend, we laughed as we expanded on that notion.

If I was truly looking for an intern, I suppose I'd have to place an ad in the paper.  I'd write something like this:

Stay-at-home Mom Seeks Summer Intern

Stay-At-Home Mom (SAM) seeking an eager individual looking for an unforgettable summer internship.  The SAM intern can expect to do hours of laundry, wash mounds of dishes, and tend to endless clutter.  SAM interns don't only learn home maintenance, they also gain childrearing skills such as how best to potty train a toddler while at the same time breaking up a fight between older siblings.  

A SAM intern must have experience in:

-child psychology (to determine what exactly is going on in those little heads),
-mediation (to resolve the inevitable conflict),
-nursing (to know how best to kiss and place bandaids on endless boo boos),
-administration (to be able to document and track numerous kid activities),
-yoga (the deep yoga breaths will come in handy during those "What were you thinking?" moments),
-dietetics (to be able to sneak in vegetables while still making something the kids will eat),
-accounting (to stretch every last dollar),
-home economics, home repair, interior designing, landscaping, plumbing, baking, party planning, chauffeuring, personal shopping, hairdressing, teaching, coaching, and on and on.

Most importantly...

--theology (prayers are welcomed and always needed).

Keep in mind, this is an unpaid position but the hugs and kisses make it worth the experience.

Do you think anyone will apply?

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