Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Skinny on Camp

Cooper was SO excited to lose his first tooth.

The boys arrived home from camp last night.  Chris and Caleb staggered in first.  They tossed their luggage and sleeping bags onto the floor and we exchanged hugs and kisses.  Several minutes passed before I started to ask about Connor.  Chris motioned to the car.

I strolled outside and approached the open car door.  I could hear Connor weeping.  When he saw me, he started to wail.  In between sobs, I could make out his words.

"I.  Want.  To.  Go.  Back.  To. Camp."  sob.  sob.  

I fluctuated between being offended that he wasn't eager to jump into his mother's arms and being elated that he was SO very happy at camp.

I escorted Connor out of the car and the boys settled back into home life.  I got the skinny on their camp experiences.  All of the boys seemed pleased with the last couple of days.  Water slides and lake play topped the list of favorites.

I also heard about Caleb's transitions to camp.  Evidently, the first night was rough.  I imagine the whole camp experience was quite overwhelming to my Aspie: new routine, sensory overload, constant social interactions.  The camp quickly assigned him a buddy (and Chris helped when he could) and by the next day he fell into the routine and acclimated nicely to camp life (even apologized to his buddy and counselor for his behavior...what a HUGE step).

As we unpacked the suitcases, I picked up awards the boys had received at camp.

Connor earned the joyful award.

Caleb received the tenacity award.

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