Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Unique Kid Personalities: Endearing or Annoying?

The boys topped off a great dinner at the Brinkruffs with milkshakes.  Got milkshakes? 
 After dinner, the kids relaxed in front of Ernest Goes to Jail.   (Jim snagged it at Walmart.)  A "classic" movie I remember well from childhood.

Yesterday, the boys doused themselves in shaving cream and then whizzed down the slip n slide.  They swore it made them faster!

I once heard a pastor say, "The qualities you were attracted to in your spouse when dating will be the same qualities that drive you crazy in marriage."

The congregation erupted in laughter.  Although funny, I think there is truth found in his words.  I can especially see it with my kids.  Those qualities that make them most unique and endearing can at the same time drive me batty.

The child that holds strong convictions can be obstinate.

The boy that's sensitive can be whiney.

The son that's "my baby" talks baby talk (a few years too late).  

And then there's Cooper.  

Cooper.  Cooper.  Cooper.

The boys that's fearless, funny, and social can easily turn into the class clown (especially with the right audience).

Last night, he had an audience.  

Cooper attended football camp for the first time.  We walked onto the field and eyed dozens of five and six-year-old boys clad in athletic shorts and the standard white camp t-shirts with their identification number printed on the back.  Observing the practice was a bit like watching cats being herded.  The boys exhibited the attention span of a flea with little to no coordination or athletic skills.  Cooper was certainly no exception, but Cooper certainly added his own flair to practice.  He not only ran the drill, he'd tackle the coach at the end.  And on it went.

Probably the most memorable moment of the night was when Cooper was receiving the snap from a coach.  The coach bent over the ball and shouted, "One, two, three, hike."

Cooper fumbled a bit, but snagged the ball.  Then, he proceeded to dash under the coaches legs and onto the in zone.

The crowd of spectating parents erupted into laughter.  Cooper, sensing he amused his audience, flashed his signature grin.  If he knew how to perform one of those fancy in zone dances, I'm sure he would have done that too.  At that moment, I asked the Dad next to me if he'd walk Cooper to the car.  I wasn't sure I was ready to claim him.

I keep wondering about Cooper's colorful personality.  Is he destined to be the next Jimmy Fallon or Bernie Madoff?  Will I survive his childhood to even see what is to come?

When I went home, I collapsed onto the couch claiming to need a mental health break.  Chris didn't even ask.

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