Thursday, August 2, 2012

Annual Summer Exercusion

We enjoyed a summer excursion with our friends the Schmidts (and neighbor Stark) at the Wonderlab in Bloomington.
Caleb's lego creation.

We met at church, that I know.  We each had one toddler and a newborn.  I vividly recall one of our early play dates to the children's museum.  We were each wearing matching baby carriers and chasing busy toddlers.

Several years later, things have changed.  We each have added two more children.  Those children and their older siblings have grown into preschoolers and school age children, almost tweens.  We no longer cart around diaper bags and push bulky strollers.  Now only a purse and a lunch bag is needed to provide for a day's excursion.

We don't piece together conversations while soothing a baby and appeasing a toddler.  We supervise children while engaging in meaningful conversations that ranges from favorite books to thoughts about future employment.

We've arrived in that place.  The place where our friendship and our roles as mothers can coexist well.  How grateful I am to be at that place with this friend!

Thanks to my sweet friend Betsy Schmidt and her crew for joining us on our annual summer excursion.  We can't wait for the next!  

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