Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten and Second Grade

 It's a tradition in our house that we take our incoming kindergartner out on an individual date after back-to-school night.  The kindergartner gets to pick the restaurant.  Cooper said he wanted to go to a "fancy restaurant" and selected Red Robin.  We booked a sitter for the other boys and enjoyed an evening just with Cooper.
 The boys on their first day of 2nd grade and kindergarten.  Our first day outfits had to be scraped as the school asked them to dress in a particular color.
 New personalized backpacks.
 The boys on the bus stop (minus Cooper)
 The entire bus stop (minus Cooper).  The girls and boys segregated for pictures.
This picture was snapped by my friend Gwen (her daughter Morgan is in the pink backpack).  It captures Cooper getting off the bus at school.  What a big boy!

A crowd of school children had already assembled at the base of our driveway by the time the boys burst out our door.  According to my morning calculations, we were late.  I blamed last minute wardrobe changes, hair issues, and missing lunch money for our tardy departure.  But we didn't miss the bus and we still made it into the neighbor group photos.  A success, I decided.

Seconds after the last photo was snapped, Bus #11 rolled up to our driveway.  The kids raced up the steps and snagged empty seats.  It all happened so fast I didn't have time to plant kisses on foreheads or impart last minute advice.  I watched as the bus peeled away from our home.  I caught a glance of Cooper and Connor nestled into a rear seat.  Cooper's grin shone through the bus window.

We parents lingered at the bus stop, swapping summer stories and fall plans.  Finally, one dad shouted above the others, "Becky, are those tears falling down your cheeks."

The crowd silenced.

"Yes," I admitted.  "Tears of joy."

The fact of the matter is, I'm grateful we made it to summer's finishing line and that school has begun.  It always seems like summer lasts just a few days late.  In those matter of days, the pleasantness of the summer seems to fade as sibling squabbles and disobedience rises.  They (and me) become a little "summered out."  We all start to crave what school has to offer: routine and separation.

The boys arrived home from school happy (and so was I).

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