Thursday, August 23, 2012

He's Back....To The Nurse's Office

With all his big brothers at school, Collin is on the playdate circuit.  He had his first play date today with friend Nathan.  It was really cute.  Collin brought Nathan a snack.  Nathan brought Collin a frisbee.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that Cooper has become well acquainted with the school nurse.  Last week, she tended to a slew of his "boo-boos" and "owies."  After he became a repeat visitor, I sat Cooper down and explained the difference between a school medical emergency and a fun trip to the nurse's office.  I left our chat feeling confident he'd seen the last of the nurse's office.

Yesterday, I was rummaging through his backpack when I stumbled upon a familiar yellow note.  It happened again.  He was back.  Yet again, the extent of his medical care included a bandaid and a sympathetic ear.

Feeling a bit like Groundhog's Day, I sat him down (yet again) and had the same discussion from last week.  This time, I added a more forceful "and you are in no way/don't even think about/you'll be sorry to go to the nurse's office tomorrow."  An understanding look flashed across his eyes.  I let out a sigh of relief.

This morning, I watched him get onto the school bus confident he would NOT be seeing the nurse today.  

Hours later, a friend informed me his school bus had been in a minor accident (sideswiped a park car).  Every single child in the bus was absolutely fine and the bus sustained only minimal damage.  Nonetheless, the school district was extra vigilant in the care and treatment of each child.  Evidently, the school checked each child at the scene and then again once they reached school.  A later email from the principal indicated that each child was evaluated for emotional and physical damage by (wait for it)...the school nurse.

Chris and I couldn't stop laughing.  We wondered how Cooper responded to seeing the nurse.  Was he nervous because we specifically gave him instructions not to visit the nurse today or was he delighted that he happened again into her office?  We imagined all the "mental and emotional" distress he concocted and relayed to that poor, overworked nurse.

When the boys got home the bus accident story tumbled out.  It was a bit like a fish story, where the minor bus accident morphed into a crash that sounded like a "boom."  Cooper let out that devilish grin as he admitted he visited the school nurse.  I couldn't help but smile thinking how lucky he must have felt in how the day's events unfolded.

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