Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grandma's Wedding: Newlyweds in their 90s

Several weeks ago my Dad called bearing news.  "You'll never guess," he announced.  My mind raced wondering which relative did what.  New pregnancy?  Pregnancy with twins?  Divorce?  With all the possible scenarios that dashed through my skull, I certainly never guessed what words would pass my Dad's lips.

"Your Grandma's engaged," he blurted out.

I felt like I needed to sit down to try to process his statement.  After a few minutes, the words started to sink in: my 90-year-old Grandma was engaged to her 93-year-old beau.  I fluctuated between stunned silence and fits of giggles.  Who would have thought!

Later, I called my Grandma to extend my congratulations.  We talked about Gus, her fiancee and a lifelong friend of my late Grandpa's.  She reminisced about her first husband, my Grandfather, and about their marriage.  She said, "I was so busy with the day to day that I didn't appreciate the blessing of a marriage until it was gone."  It made me think about my marriage and how the daily grind so quickly pushes the blessing of marriage from the forefront of my mind.

Yesterday, Grandma married Gus.  She wore a powder blue lacy dress with a sequin shawl and her fancy sandals.  Perhaps the most radiant part of the outfit was her smile.  She was happy.  Happy to be with Gus.  Happy to be married again.

After the ceremony, Gus's daughter talked to me about Gus's first wife who battled Alzheimer's.  At the end of her life, Gus tended to his wife's every physical need.  The daughter asked Gus, "What keeps you going to help mom?"  She said he answered, "Because I made a promise."

I watched Gus make that same promise to my Grandmother.  I thought what a blessed woman.  So glad they have each other.

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