Friday, August 3, 2012

Counter Protests

 Caleb's protest sign listing his demands.
My responding protest sign.

Caleb walked up to me today clutching a piece of cardboard taped to a ruler.  As he moved closer, I realized he had crafted a homemade sign.  The sign listed his demands, hinting at the oppression he was experiencing under my tyranny.  He looked me in the eye announced that he was protesting and planned to take his march (and his sign) out to the streets (our sidewalk).  

I nudged him out the door and tried to suppress my smile.  I imagine fellow neighbor kids would rally beside him while nearby moms would applaud my "meanness."  I decided his protest needed to be met with a counter protest and so I formulated my own sign that listed my demands.

I was worried the meeting of the protestors could lead to a violent clash or an exchange of words.  Instead, my sign was met with a look of surprise and a mere eye roll.

At least we're communicating.

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