Friday, August 24, 2012

Small Town Feel

 My friend Melinda hosted a Back to School brunch for her school mom friends.  She's super creative and had school decorations (like this) everywhere.  Had so much fun and ate way too many apple decorated cake balls.

We took the boys (and a friend) to Eaglefest to kick off the high school football game.

Seven years ago, we began looking for homes in our little suburb of Indianapolis.  I remember our realtor saying, "It's like a small town."  I nodded, trying to mask my skepticism.

After living here for years, building roots and developing friendships, I've come to agree with that realtor.  Nights like tonight, when the community hosts a festival to kick off the high school football game, the small town feel is overwhelming.

We brought all four boys (and a friend) to Eaglefest, located on the grassy field next to the high school football stadium.  The field was decorated with bounce houses and food tents.  Everyone was clad in the high school's colors of green and white.  Parent volunteers smiled as they dished out brats and juicy hamburgers.  The kids dashed between bounce houses, giggling with school buddies.  We parents intermingled with neighbors and friends alike.

As the time neared for the game to begin, a sea of green migrated to the stadium with the band leading the procession.  It felt like a small town and we loved it.

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