Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank Goodness for School Notes

With two boys at school and one on a playdate, I enjoyed some individual time with Collin.

The common question we moms have tossed around the last couple of days is "How's school going for ______(child)"

Some moms gush with information.  They know every single detail of their child's school days, right down to the color crayons used on each art project.  In my experience, those moms are the mothers of girls.

My boys certainly don't convey as much information.  Here's how our after school chats typically go:

Me:  How was your day?

Son:  Fine.

Me:  Any favorite parts?

Son:  Not really.

Me:  If you'd have to name one.

Son:  I don't know, lunch.

Then, said son rushes out the room feeling confident he just summed up the entire day to my liking.

The great thing about the teachers and school is that they know many a child are like mine.  Therefore, they send notes home so we moms gather just the slightest bit of information about our child's goings-on at school.

Today as I was rummaging through Cooper's bag, I found a yellow note from the office.  The letter indicated Cooper was seen by the school nurse.

"Cooper," I asked.  "Were you seen by the school nurse today?"

He nodded yes.

"For what?"  I probed.

He answered, "Which time?"

Which begged the question..."How many times did you see the school nurse," I asked.

"Which day?" he replied.

I paused, "Cooper, you've only been to school for two days.  How many times have you seen her?"

Evidently, Cooper's become quite familiar with the school nurse and infirmary.  The nurse has seen him for all sorts of "life threatening conditions" such as nose scrapes and boo boos.  I'm imaging Cooper found his trips to the school nurse to be an adventure of sorts and an opportunity to get a self-guided tour around the school and the administrative offices.

I sat Cooper down and explained just when and why we see the school nurse.  Then, I encouraged him to limit his visits to severe illnesses and injuries.  Cooper nodded in agreement, but I could see the disappointment in his eyes.  


Cooper did also share that he met a new friend at school.  He said, "He doesn't speak Indiana."  (Cooper speak for:  He's still learning English.)

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