Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Discovering the Mercies in Trials

It seems fall has arrived.  I pulled out the autumn decorations and snagged a few pumpkins and mums to adorn the front porch.  The kids dipped apple slices in caramel sauce.  They  were excited about the arrival of fall.

This morning I strolled into my friend Melinda's house.  I was late for her Bible Study.  A dozen ladies lounged on armchairs and couches.  They looked up when they heard the door squeak and my foot steps patter across the floor.  I crept into an empty chair by the door and nodded to my friends.

Worship music swirled through the house.  The song was familiar; it was Laura Story's "Blessings."  I heard Story's soothing voice belt out, "What if trials in this life are mercies in disguise."

How fitting!  I certainly know a thing or two about trials as of late.  But classifying them as "mercies in disguise?"  

Just a few days ago, I would have whole-heartedly agreed with those lyrics and may even have thrown out that same line to a friend in crisis. But experiencing a plight personally makes such sentiments harder to digest.  As much as I'd like to scoff at those words, I've learned from the past, trials are not all bad (albeit still painful).  It's the manner we work through the trials and the good we find the midst of the trials where we glimpse at the mercies.

We're still swirling in the midst of our current trial, but the mercies I see are:

1)  A network of friends and family members that cloak us in prayers and surround us with love and encouragement.  We are so grateful.

2)  A deeper understanding and compassion for those other families struggling with issues, especially with special needs children.

3) A situation that rocks us so much that we're thrown onto our knees, praying with fervor and passionately reflecting on God's promises.

I don't know if the mercies are really in disguise as much as undiscovered.  

Today, I was grateful to discover the mercies.


  1. I can sympathize. That song is on my "drive to Riley" play list. Sometimes I find it encouraging, other times definitely not. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks Jamie! I know you have so much going on right now. You are in our prayers!