Sunday, September 2, 2012

Soggy Labor Day Weekend

 Chris cuddled with our niece Caroline.
 Enjoyed some family time with my brother Matt, my Dad, and my hubby.
Collin and his cousin Will were besties this weekend.  They attempted to do a "slumber party" and sleep in the same room.  When we still heard them talking at 10:30 p.m., the slumber party got shut down.

Labor Day weekend conjures up images of one last dip in the swimming pool coupled with backyard barbecues and open grills.  The wet weather (thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Issac) and a lousy ER schedule certainly put a damper on any such plans.

We've had to be adapt any weekend plans to the soggy conditions. Instead of barbecue, we ordered pizza.  Rather than lounging around a lake, we nestled on couches and watched college football games.  

I've tried my best to keep the boys busy.  We've done puzzles, crafts, and movies.  We've played board games.  

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