Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tooth Fairy Survey: We're the 3%

 Chris walks Collin into preschool open house.
 The brothers snagged a chair in Collin's preschool class.
With school closed for the day, neighbor kids seemed to migrate over to our house.  At one point, eight kids were running around our house.

My mom fired me an email this afternoon with a warning for my kids not to glance at the news.  She alerted me that a new study was out that claims the average American child receives $3 per tooth from the tooth fairy (some up to $20).  I smiled, knowing exactly why she sent her email.  Her warning dovetails on a prior conversation we had about the stingy Wood boy tooth fairy.

Weeks ago, my mom and I were discussing the tooth fairy.  

"We only give a quarter per tooth," I firmly announced.

She shot me a perplexed (maybe even a tad disdainful) look and then reminded me I received a quarter per tooth as a child (....in the 80s). 

I was shocked that my financially prudent (delightfully frugal) mother didn't see eye to eye.  I read into her glances.  Her eyes said, "Surely my adorable grandchildren deserve a tad more than a quarter.  Come on cheapskate."

I searched for the survey online and then scanned the results.  According to their numbers, only 3% of American children receive less than a $1 per tooth.  Ouch.  We're in that 3%!

The thing is, my boys have never once questioned a friend on the bounty they received from the tooth fairy.  I've never had a son slam down the tooth fairy pillow in disgust after fishing out a solo quarter.  In fact, some of the recipients of the tooth fairy money would much prefer a shiny metallic coin to a crinkled green bill any day (a mastery of money to come).

Nonetheless, we're going to reevaluate the tooth fairy's distribution.  Perhaps, she's subject to inflation too.

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  1. We are in that 3% too. Our tooth fairy delivers $1 for the first tooth and a quarter for each additional tooth. It's a raise from when I was little - the tooth fairy only brought me a dime. :)