Thursday, October 4, 2012

Girl Time.. Finally

 Enjoyed having my mom with me at the fashion show.

 It was wonderful to have my sweet friend Ali there too.
 My adorable friend Andrea (the one roped me into the fashion show in the first place).
 One of the more colorful ensembles.
Modeling an outfit that was WAY out of my comfort zone...feeling a bit like snufalufagus.

Once upon a time, I was a girlie girl.  As I added boys, this little part of me became submerged under the testosterone.  Living in a house full of men has certainly squelched my more feminine side.  My new little world revolves around primary colors, sports equipment, superheroes, and lego bins.  I miss pastels, fairy tales, princesses, pretty things.

Perhaps that's why I agreed to participate in Chris's hospital foundation fashion show.  When my friend Andrea extended the invitation to model in the show, I certainly could rattle off a zillion excuses why I should be sitting sidelines munching on a salad rather than strutting down the catwalk, but something inside me jumped at the chance.  It was my opportunity, at almost 40 years old, to play adult dress up.  I could slip into the world I've so desperately missed.  The one with frilly dresses, satin pumps, and chunky jewelry.

The process was just as fun and feminine as I imagined.  Last week, I had a fitting.  I entered the store and scanned my surroundings: not a boy in sight.   Everything was lovely and so darn quiet.  Pastels and sherbet toned sweaters lined the racks.  Females, everywhere, darted through the store and chattered on about hemlines and cup sizes.  I had arrived...back in my little girlie world.  I rediscovered my people.

Today was the fashion show.  We, the amateur, middle-aged models, sat up camp in the dressing room.  I slipped on my first outfit...a black ensemble broken up by a multicolored scarf draped across my neck.  I was fussed with and primped into proper runway order.  Then, I jetted down the catwalk trying my best to channel my inner Naomi Campbell.

As soon as I descended off the runway, I was shuffled back into the dressing room where I slid first into a pumpkin-hued, knee-length shaggy vest (Anyone else thinking snufalufagus?), then a fuchsia dress, and finally a pastel sweater set with matching scarf.  The outfits were fancy, but certainly ones that wouldn't fit easily into my lifestyle.

A few hours later, I was home...clad in sweat, tripping over action figures, and picking up sports equipment.  I was back.  

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