Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picture Day Fiasco

On the last day of fall break I took the boys to the pumpkin patch.

I felt sick to my stomach.  

Mid-morning I was sifting through old emails when I came across a remainder that Tuesday is picture day.

Tuesday, as in today.

My heart dropped.  I failed to remember it was picture day and allowed my son to walk out of the house in…(well, I couldn’t even remember what).  If history is any indicator, I was extremely confident he did not walk out of the house dressed in his Sunday finest.  More than likely, he was outfitted in his normal school attire:  a ratty t-shirt coupled with a well-loved pair of sweatpants or faded blue jeans.

I immediately contemplated what his teachers thought when they scanned their room full of children.  I envisioned a sea of well-dressed fourth graders clad in pretty dresses, button-down shirts, and starched khaki pants.  I imagined the teachers' eyes stopped on Caleb and immediately murmured: “One of these things is not like the others!”  They probably internally tsked and thought, “What sort of loony parent outfits a child that way for picture day?”

I had my excuses all lined up.

For one thing, it was a busy morning.  It was pajamas day at my other boys' school.  That I remembered!  I spent my morning racing around ensuring all the pajamas were appropriate enough to be seen by an array of teachers and classmates.

I could also blame my son.  Surely, he was old enough to take some sort of responsibility.  Couldn't he remember some things!

But I mostly blamed myself.  Why wasn’t I more on top of it?  I can’t believe I let something that important slide under the radar?

I immediately shot the teacher an email with a request for my son to attend the makeup photo session.  She responded back quickly and positively to my request.

The makeup photo shoot makes it all better.  It's an opportunity to capture a new lovely photo and act as if the prior mistake never happened.

Wouldn't it be great if mom guilt was as easily erased!

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