Thursday, October 25, 2012

Treating Motherhood as a Paid Position

We were grateful to Caleb's grandparents (minus Grandpa were missed!) that attended Caleb's Grandparents Day!

I was conversing with another stay-at-home.  She was talking about her daily routine and slid in the comment, "Well, that's my job."  She spoke those words with as much conviction as if she was the CEO of a major corporation or a big time surgeon at a teaching hospital.

I ruminated on her words and wondered if I would greet my job as a stay-at-home mom differently if I treated it as a paid position.  After some thought, I decided I would approach my day in this way:

1) I would be more intentional

Most employees clearly know their job's objectives and develop short and long term goals to reach those objectives.  

Am I making short and long term goals for my kids?  Am I continuing to keep those goals in mind as I steer my boys through our daily routine?  Am I taking the easy route or working earnestly with each child to churn out positive characteristics?

2)  I would be mindful that my "work product" represents my work.

Every employee wants to produce a work product that reflects well upon his or her efforts.  

Does my house look like I spent the day lounging on the couch gazing at soap operas?  Do my kids speak and act as if they've never been taught any better?  

3)  I wouldn't expect to "dump" my job on anyone else, but would find time to get thing accomplished.

When I was working, I wouldn't have dreamed of unloading all the unpleasant or cumbersome tasks onto a coworker.  

Am I leaving all the disciplining and home projects for my husband to take care of the minute he walks through the door?

4)  I would work hard but know breaks within the day prevent burnout

Any employee knows breaks are essential to get through a day.  

Am I working so hard with my kids and my home that I never find time to refresh?  Am I creating pockets within the day or week that I can just have for me?

I soon realized treating motherhood as a job is a good thing.

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  1. Great advice! My son is just 11 months and I really need to start to impalement this. As a new SAHM I'm still finding my footing and I am sure remembering this will be a huge help.