Sunday, October 21, 2012

When Did Halloween Get So Hard?

Aah...a picture of a Halloween in the past.  The good old days when costumes were so simple and innocent.

I saw a picture of my three-year-old nephew's Halloween costume. He's an elephant.  The picture is pretty adorable.  He's beaming as he's totally engulfed in this fuzzy, gray elephant garb with a floppy truck protruding off his head.

I looked at the photo and sighed.

My three-year-old will be a ninja this year. 

How I wish he was an elephant.

The vast difference in costume selection between my nephew and my son can be explained by the birth order of each boy.  My nephew is the first born.  My son is the baby of the family.  Enough said?

Halloween costumes have been a hot button issue in our house as of late.  It seems my older sons and I hold vastly differing opinions on what's appropriate Halloween garb for boys without even a toe in the tween years.  The boys lean more Freddy Kruger (slight exaggeration, but you get the point).  I'm more Thomas the Train.  And so lies the problem.

After almost a month of Halloween costume negotiation, we agreed that they would select three costume ideas that we could mutually agree on and then I'd make the final selection based on: 1) price, and 2) appropriateness.  They meticulously scanned through endless amounts of websites and catalogues putting as much thought into it as selecting a spouse.

Finally, they handed me their lists.  

When I looked at their lists and made my final decision, there was gnashing of teeth.  I picked one of their top three costumes, but not their top choice among the three.

I listened to the moaning and reminded them Halloween was optional.  We could go back to the day when a sheet with eye holes in it was more than adequate Halloween attire.  Even worse, the boys could skip trick or treating all together.  Gasps.

Later, I recounted my costume dilemmas to my mom.  I lamented the fact that the boys are getting older and they're hitting the ages where they're testing boundaries and pushing limits.

She giggled and said, "Wait until you think about cars ." (and dating, and social media privileges, and...)

She's right.  Costumes are just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm not sure I'm ready.

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