Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Airing Out Boys

Collin and I spent part of our day making (or was it eating?) chocolate chip cookies.

I commented to my husband that I was officially ready to hibernate.  Just about this time every year, I get the itch to be a homebody.  This weekend, I spent many hours nestled around the fireplace, book in hand, clad in sweatpants and my warmest socks. It was absolutely divine and I thought, "If somebody told me I'd have to stay in the same exact spot until the March thaw, I'd be happy."

The problem is my boys don't seem to feel the same.  As winter closes in, they get antsy.  Their actions remind me of a puppet confined within a jack in the box, desperate to spring to action with the turn of a crank.  They appear trapped with energy to spare.  So they wrestle, mildly at first.  But the wrestling morphs to a chase that lands in a fight that ends in tears.

Tonight I watched this pattern began.  The four boys rolling around the living room floor.  Then, someone put a brother in a headlock.  Someone else knocked ornaments off the tree with his feet.  A fresh batch of tears fell from another.  I could feel my pulse quicken as I racked my brain on how best to rectify the situation.

I thought about a friend (mom of three boys) comment.  She said boys needed to be "aired out" daily (regardless of the weather conditions) to get that physical release many of them so desperately need.

Good advice.  

My boys desperately needed to be "aired out."  So I suggested/required they go run outside for a minute.

Caleb shot me a concerned look.

"But it's dark, and late, and cold," he whined.

I smiled, "I know.  Just run right outside our house for a few minutes."

The other boys gleefully threw on shoes and coats.  They raced through the door and frolicked around our darkened driveway. 

Minutes later, they stepped inside.  Caleb suggested a board game and I watched four little boys huddle around a Connect Four.  No one jumped on anyone's back.  Boys no longer rolled on top of each other.  They had been properly "aired out."  Amazing how much that helps.

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