Sunday, November 18, 2012

Appreciating God's Grace

During a recent Bible study, a friend shared about a situation at her home.  She said her daughter had been disrespectful and generally naughty and my friend disciplined her accordingly.  The next morning, her daughter awoke thinking everything was resolved with her mother and began to peacefully eat her breakfast.  My friend said she was still angry and began picking at her daughter straight through breakfast.  Then, my friend felt a nudge.  She started thinking about grace, God's grace.  She thought about how God doesn't deal with us that way.  Once we've resolved things, He says it's done and it is.  As she shared this story, tears welled in her eyes (and mine too).  She said she never really understood or appreciated the magnitude of God's grace until she had children.

It really got me thinking.

As I was walking out of church today, one son's Sunday school teacher stopped me in my tracks.  With furled eyebrows, she recounted one son's morning mischief.  I listened to her words and could feel my face reddened and my pulse quicken.  I was mad, blazing mad (with a hint of sadness).  I was so mad in fact that I put myself in a little "mommy time out" and held my tongue from speaking to said son until we got home and I could sift through some thoughts with Chris.

Once I was in a good spot to talk, Chris and I approached our son.  When I came into his room, I spotted him perched on his top bunk with tears streaming down his face.  The three of us found a spot on the carpet and really talked about the morning's activities: the ramifications his behavior had on others; not being influence by others' misbehavior; and respecting God's house.  He listened to our words and then asked us to pray for him.  After our prayer, we doled out some pretty stiff and meaningful consequences and let him sit in his room to digest the conversation.  

A few hours later, he drafted a letter (seen above).  He handed the  typing paper to me and I read his words:

Dear Sunday School Teacher:

I am very sorry for being disrespectful.  You are a good teacher.  I will not do it again.  I will pay attention.  I don't do this a lot.  I prayed so I won't do it again.

I read his letter with a fresh batch of tears in my eyes.  The morning was done.  My anger needed to go.  Grace was necessary.  

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