Sunday, November 4, 2012

Boston Bound

 Pre-race pose with my two training friends, Emily and Marie.  We certainly didn't look stylish.  We wore "throw away" clothes to toss off along the course.  Obviously my sweatshirt (compliments of Goodwill) was a little snug.

 I loved running by my own personal cheering section...all four boys, Chris, and my parents.  My mom made adorable signs for the boys to hold!
 So glad Chris took this picture.  Ran by this guy at mile 15.  As I was running behind him, I thought,"I'm going to be so mad if a guy in an elephant suit beats me."  My friend Claudia made me laugh.  She said, "I hope that costume isn't rented!"
 Just past mile 26.  Claudia (in purple) acts as my rabbit and pacer.  So glad to have my sweet friend that helped me along!
Post-race hugs with Claudia.  Soaked to the bone.  Cold.  Grateful. Happy. Loved!

Four months ago, I laced up my running shoes and hit the trails for my first official marathon training run.  I spent sixteen weeks (and almost 600 miles) pounding the pavement.  With every stride, I thought of one thing: I desperately wanted to run the Boston Marathon.

Yesterday, I crossed the 26-mile race marker and spotted my mom along the sidelines.  Beaming, I yelled, "I'm going to Boston."  And so I 2014.  I qualified with four minutes to spare.  It was one of the most exhilarating, rewarding moments of my life.

I realized my road to Boston wasn't done alone.  I'm SO grateful to the "village" of wonderful people that have been so supportive along the way.

Thanks to my husband for helping with the kids so I could squeeze in runs.  He listened to me babble on for months about things like tempo runs and carb loading.  He is (and always has been) my biggest cheerleader.

Thanks to my parents for also helping with the kids and constantly encouraging.

Thanks to my dear friend Claudia for serving as my pacer yesterday even after she just ran her own marathon a few weeks prior.  I'm so excited to be able to run the Boston Marathon with my dear friend.

Thanks to my training friends (Emily, Marie, Maggie, Miranda, Gwen, Cara and Ali).  Without you, I'm sure I would have hit the snooze button on the alarm many a morning.

Thanks to all my kind friends that supported me this week with texts, emails, and calls of support.  I truly felt so loved!

Today I feel so blessed and grateful!

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  1. Seriously BOSTON!!! I can't believe you qualified with your first marathon!! That is so awesome, congratulations!